The Story

Alex Mortimer is about to discover a long-kept secret: he's the last of the Lords of Allegiance, a once powerful ancient order connected to King Arthur and Merlin. Forced to embark on a dangerous journey to Wildeor, a safe-haven for some of the strangest creatures to ever roam earth. Alex soon finds out he's all that stands between mankind and certain annihilation.

The first in a thrilling new fantasy series, The Beast of Wildeor follows 14-year-old Alex and his friend Sarah Greystone in a desperate race to rebuild the Lords of Allegiance before it's too late!


Wildeor / wild-door / n. 1. a secret place of sanctuary for wild beasts. 2. a conservation area untouched by human activity. [Old English wil self-willed, wilful, wild; deor animal]

The Author

B.A. Dearsley is an odd mix of the Old and New Worlds. Born in Canada and raised in England, he's a graduate of the second oldest school in Britain (King's School Rochester, founded in 604 AD) as well as Stirling University in Scotland where his love of history, haggis and Hogmanay deepened. After twenty years as an editor and writer, he's now writing novels full-time. He lives in Muskoka, just a few miles away from Mortimer's Point, and within earshot of RMS Segwun.